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Shannon, Queen's Square | March 1, 2022

Take Home Volunteer Projects: March 2022

For two long years COVID has restricted our ability to welcome volunteers into our spaces, and our collective ability to support and encourage each other during this particularly trying time.

But we have found a way.

Take-home volunteer projects have given us the opportunity to work together and push back against the negativity and disconnection that the entire world is struggling with right now. And as we see the light on the horizon, and a glimmer of normalcy ahead, we have a month left to participate in two exciting take-home activities.

The deadline for both is March 31, 2022.

The Butterfly Effect:

Because the flap of the tiniest wing can start a typhoon!
Unleash a kaleidoscope of uplifting wishes for ourselves, strangers, those we love and even the world. Pick up an envelope with project materials from any Idea Exchange location, and complete the task outlined inside. The end result: four one of a kind butterflies, positive wishes for the world and an exciting display for our Queen’s Square children’s department. You will receive 2 hours of volunteer time per package.


The Postcard Project; Part Two

Send messages of encouragement, support and thanks to the staff at the Cambridge Memorial Hospital – our very own healthcare heroes. Pick up a package of postcards at any Idea Exchange location, write messages and decorate one-of-the-kind postcard. This project is worth 3 hours of volunteer time per package.

Have questions about either project? Connect with smarkle [at] () for answers.