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Tina, Preston | November 1, 2018

Mmm! I love croissants! And any other French pastry, for that matter. But I’m actually referring to the French word “croissance” which means growth. Specifically, my growth in facilitating an adult program.

I’ve had twenty plus years’ experience running children’s programs but until last winter, I’ve never had the opportunity to run an adult one. I started French: Not Just Child’s Play at Idea Exchange Preston not knowing what to expect. How could I go from dancing around with preschoolers to interacting with real grown-ups? Everything I was used to would be different. I have always used lots of stories, songs, rhymes, videos, dancing and crafts with the little ones. What would I do now?

In the end, I decided to go with what I knew was fun and tried almost all of these elements with the adults. And guess what? They worked! We read stories, sang songs, recited rhymes and explored videos. We haven’t danced yet – but who knows what the future will bring?

Every week is different. I plan themes in advance but my participants almost always change the way the program goes that night – in a good way! Who knew grammar would be such a popular topic? The main thing that surprises me each week is how much laughter fills the room.  

People from all levels show up: some who have little or no knowledge of French, some who are very proficient and everyone in between. There is a core group of regulars who continue to show up and yet it seems there is always someone new each week, as well.

I’ve been very happy with the program and I feel privileged to be sharing this experience with a broader community. I do believe that I have grown. I’ve learned to go with the flow and rely on what the participants want to do. For example, a number of them told me last spring that they love Scrabble so I created a French version to play this season.  

I’m really hoping to continue to expand the program each season. I love that it’s drop in so anyone can come any Wednesday evening I run it. If you are someone who wants to learn French but can’t make it to the program, you should check out our collection of French self-instruction books and books with CDs.

Oh and by the way, I do serve tea and coffee and sometimes even French pastries!

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