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What’s the Buzz About Pollinator Week?


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  • A bee in a field of flowers

Beth, Preston | June 1, 2022

Hearing a lot about pollinators lately? What is all the buzz about? Pollinators are insects or animals that are essential for pollinating our food and plants, and native pollinators are the ones that are most adapted to the plants in one specific region.

For various reasons, our native pollinators are threatened. We can help protect them!

In 2021, Idea Exchange – in collaboration with many local organizations, as well as the City of Cambridge – committed to take action to protect pollinators in our region by becoming part of Bee City Canada.

This Bee City designation comes with responsibility. Idea Exchange will be doing its part in many ways, and you can join our efforts. Take the Pollinator Pledge, and take further action with these tips.

Visit any of our Idea Exchange branches during Pollinator Week (June 20-26) to learn more from our themed displays and resources. While you’re at the library, enjoy family-friendly activities and take home free seeds of plants and flowers that support pollinators.

You can always pick up seeds of all kinds at our Seed Library – which includes many beautiful native flowers to keep our pollinators happy.

Keep an eye out for more upcoming events on our website. In the meantime, BEE good to our pollinators!