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Zero Waste Series: Reduce and Reuse in the Garden


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  • Garden Tractor made of recycled materials
  • seeding tray made with filling an egg carton with soil
  • a pail re-purposed as a planter, full of soil
  • a basket full of soil being used an a planter
  • a metal tub being used as a wash tub
  • a metal tub being used as a wash tub

Kathleen, Clemens Mill | August 14, 2020

Gardening can be a great way to reduce waste: grow your own and eliminate all the packaging from your fruits and vegetables. But, it can also generate a lot of waste. With careful planning, planting seeds, and re-purposing any vessel that will hold soil, you can have a bumper crop of food and flowers – not waste. Check out the photos above for how Idea Exchange staff have re-purposed various items!

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