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Fun at Home

Grandfather, father and son in garden with tomatoes
Beth, Preston | May 1, 2020
There are many reasons to be more interested than ever in gardening at home. You may have more time at home, or a mind to being more self-sufficient... Read More»
Not Just A Game Image on Kanopy
Phil, Queen's Square | April 29, 2020
Can't play sports? Can’t watch sports? Don’t feel like watching repeats of past glories? (Or maybe you've already watched them all). Why not read... Read More»
View of Earth from a spaceship
Shawna, Old Post Office | April 29, 2020
Before I celebrate the unofficial holiday of Star Wars this May 4, I decided to look at the origins of the science fiction (Sci Fi) genre.  Sci Fi is... Read More»
City of Toronto
Brittni, Preston | April 21, 2020
Can’t go on a day trip to Toronto right now? No worries, tour the city's attractions here! Virtually ride 16 of the roller coasters at Canada’s... Read More»
Sarah in scrub cap
Sarah, Clemens Mill | April 14, 2020
For those of us who are makers, this pause from life has given us time to exercise our creative muscles. Social media is full of people's creations,... Read More»
Wild animals
Emma, Preston | April 8, 2020
There’s a great, big, beautiful world out there to explore and if you, and your family, are interested in exploring all the amazing animals that... Read More»
Brain Train
Patricia, Clemens Mill | April 8, 2020
With all the emphasis on staying physically fit it's also important to exercise your mind too. Giving your mind a problem to work on can be... Read More»
Mother and son cooking together
Ioana, Hespeler | April 8, 2020
Guilty pleasure alert: like most of us, I’ve been spending a lot more time at home recently and one of the things I’ve taken to doing is watching the... Read More»
Two people pretending to be wizards
Brittni, Preston | April 1, 2020
Attention all muggles:  Looking for something to keep you entertained while social distancing? Hogwarts is closed, as well as most shops in Diagon... Read More»
Family drawing together
Andrea, Queen's Square | April 1, 2020
Want to get creative as a family? Grab some paper and pencils, pens, or crayons. There are so many ways to doodle together and create some great... Read More»