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48 Hours of Awakeness
Saša Rajšić, Art Installation Technician | October 3, 2016
Once I heard a science fiction story in which Earth was facing its ultimate end and the only way for humans to survive was to migrate to the next... Read More»
Robert Thody, Education Officer | September 22, 2016
On Killarney Lake: Impression As the fiery orb descended, a hideous dark wrapped its murky curtain across the heavens, engulfing the last sparkle of... Read More»
Iga Janik, Curator of Contemporary Art | September 19, 2016
September is a new season for many things, art openings are no exception. It’s hard to keep track of all new exhibitions opening this month, and many... Read More»
Iga Janik, Curator Contemporary Art | November 9, 2015
FIBREWORKS 2016 A biennial juried exhibition of Canadian fibre art September 9 – November 13, 2016   Fall 2016 marks the 16th edition of Fibreworks, ... Read More»