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Child sitting in front of a laptop with headphones on
Laureen, Queen's Square | February 1, 2021
During the last couple of weeks, we have had so much fun visiting some virtual classrooms to read stories and do some movement activities with... Read More»
A child sitting by bookshelves filled with books and reading
Dawn, Clemens Mill | February 1, 2021
Learning from home has been the norm for many local students as we’ve kicked off 2021. The team at Idea Exchange has created new Education Kits,... Read More»
A child holds up a festive reindeer craft
Laureen, Queen's Square | December 1, 2020
The holidays are coming and we’ve got lots going on. Starting December 7, Crafty Creations Ornaments Kits will be available for pick up at each of... Read More»
Snoopy in laundry basket
Brandon from Queen's Square (and Snoopy, too!) | May 8, 2020
Hello and welcome to Meditate With Snoopy!   Our group of meditators is about a dozen strong each week as we meet virtually via the internet.... Read More»
Elora at Home
Elora, Queen's Square | April 14, 2020
Like many other expectant moms these days, at the moment I’m gearing up for maternity leave with more than ample time on my hands, nowhere to go, and... Read More»
Forest of Reading Titles Tree
Laureen at Queen's Square | February 20, 2020
The 2020 nominees for the Forest of Reading have been announced. We have ordered all of these titles for you to enjoy! If a title is not available at... Read More»
Scott Boyd with cards
Sarah, Clemens Mill | January 14, 2020
On February 17, 2020, Clemens Mill will once again be hosting an epic Family Day party!  We’re planning games, crafts and other great activities. But... Read More»
build your own
Trish at the Old Post Office | January 7, 2020
What is Engineering? Simply put, it is designing and building a structure or machine. Engaging children in engineering projects is a great hands-on... Read More»
Mother and child sitting and reading on couch
Laureen, Queen's Square | January 1, 2020
Family Literacy is defined as children, parents, grandparents and other family members engaging in literacy-based activities together. These... Read More»
Boy in an astronaut suit
Stephanie, Queen's Square | December 1, 2019
This July marked the 50th Anniversary of humans walking on the moon, when NASA’s astronaut Neil Armstrong stepped onto the surface of the moon on... Read More»