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girl with glass in front of chalkboard
Trish, Old Post Office | August 30, 2019
Fall is my favourite season, and It’s almost here again! the beautiful colours, the cool crisp air, and programming here at Idea Exchange Old Post... Read More»
kids writing
Elora at Queen's Square | July 26, 2019
With the ever changing and progressing resources we have for our children to use on computers, phones and tablets it can be overwhelming to find safe... Read More»
alphabet letters
Jan at Queen's Square | July 22, 2019
Recognizing letters of the alphabet and the sounds the letters make is a necessary skill for reading. Try to practice a little bit every day. How?... Read More»
chemistry star
Trish at the Old Post Office | July 19, 2019
Early science exploration can build many important learning skills, and along with being educational, it can be lots of fun too.  Children learn... Read More»
math kid
Elora at Queen's Square | July 19, 2019
Adding, subtracting and telling time are just some of the fun things you can do with numbers. I know what you’re thinking, “How are numbers fun?” But... Read More»
Girl jumping in puddle
Laureen, Queen's Square | April 1, 2016
April is a pretty rainy month so here are some ideas to keep you busy when it's wet out there. Jumping in puddles is lots of fun too so, put on your... Read More»
kids making snow dough
Emma, Preston | February 1, 2016
Enjoy winter sensory play with homemade snow dough! Have you tried making sensory dough with your child? A very popular one, cloud dough, is a... Read More»
Tina, Preston | January 7, 2016
Jeff Christie, a local artist, fellow co-worker and friend had a wonderful exhibit at the Preston Gallery at the end of last year. It was called Here... Read More»