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Multicoloured Ice
Margaret, Clemens Mill | December 1, 2018
It’s this time of year that kids often need to be reminded of how much fun winter can be (or, if they don’t, we do!). Let’s not forget that ice is... Read More»
the word play spelled out with LEGO
Sheridan Flietstra, Jacob Hespeler Secondary School Co-op Student | November 1, 2018
Check out these awesome PD Day programs on Friday, November 16. With different activities at each locations throughout day, there won’t be a dull... Read More»
girl with pumpkin mask
Programs + Events | October 1, 2018
Check out these awesome Halloween programs happening this month at Idea Exchange for kids and teens. Just in time for Halloween, school’s out on... Read More»
Children playing with Steamboxes
Idea Exchange | October 1, 2018
What are STEAMboxes? They are a unique on-site learning experience for children (Ages 6+) to explore with a parent/guardian. Available starting... Read More»
Two kids in a cornfield
Sue and Tina, Preston | September 5, 2018
At Idea Exchange we often do seasonally-themed programming. And children love activities that involve animals. Games like “Pin the Feathers on the... Read More»
child with open arms
Roberta, Preston | September 4, 2018
Follow up another amazing Summer Reading Club experience and continue the fun by enjoying our original, play-based programs. Fall into the fun! This... Read More»
Niketa, Hespeler | August 12, 2018
You and the kids are invited to our Summer Reading Club grand finale, Innovation Nation Wrap-Up Party in August at our Queen’s Square, Hespeler, and... Read More»
Many Hands Mural
Brandon, Queen's Square | May 22, 2018
Collaborative art projects communicate so many wonderful messages to children: “Small contributions can add up to something great.” “Individual skill... Read More»
Small hands planting
Programs + Events | May 2, 2018
Spring is finally here – for real this time! Are you ready for the sun to be warmer and the days to be longer? Because we definitely are. With winter... Read More»
Samantha, Queen's Square | April 30, 2018
Do you love Minecraft? Idea Exchange does too! Bring your friends and drop in to one of our four libraries (Clemens Mill, Hespeler, Preston, Queen's... Read More»