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Federico Chaux
Teens, Idea Exchange | January 2, 2018
The time has come to introduce our second Teen e-Writer in Residence. Throughout 2017, Mya Kidson wrote short stories, poetry, reviews, and blog... Read More»
Sense of Belonging
Brinton Gould, Writer | December 21, 2017
As an angst ridden teen, I admit to feeling lost. I admit to believing that I couldn’t belong to anything or anyone. Until I opened myself up... Read More»
Teen Pics on the Queen's Square Powerwall
Lee, Clemens Mill | May 2, 2017
You know what’s better than pizza? FREE PIZZA!!! THANK YOU to all of the talented Cambridge teens who contributed to our #picforpizza challenge! Each... Read More»
Pepperoni Pizza
Lee, Clemens Mill | April 5, 2017
You know what’s better than pizza? FREE PIZZA!!! In anticipation of National Youth Arts Week, and in collaboration with Domino’s Pizza, Idea Exchange... Read More»
teen writing
Mya, Teen Member | October 19, 2016
As a 16 year old, you would probably suspect a teen like me to be addicted to the internet, and social media. While I do love my fair share of... Read More»
zombie hand
Jessica, Queen's Square | October 14, 2016
Hey, you! Still looking for ideas for Halloween? Want to try something exciting?  How about indulging your inner ZOMBIE!! Come and join in the world... Read More»
Teenage boy with guitar
Meredith, Queen's Square | October 3, 2016
Earlier this year, Swedish band Wintergatan debuted their insanely impressive marble machine to the world. The original Youtube video has surpassed... Read More»
Back to the Future DVD cover, Image courtesy of Syndetics, 2016
Patricia, Clemens Mill | July 4, 2016
Time travel is such a fascinating concept. Countless books have been written about characters who time travel either to the future or the past. There... Read More»
Person meditating outside at sunset
Brooke, Clemens Mill | June 2, 2016
Don’t let your finals make you wig out! Summer and freedom are just around the corner! If you need some help keeping calm between studying and doing... Read More»
National Youth Arts Week
Megan, Queen's Square | May 18, 2016
National Youth Arts Week (May 1 – 7, 2016) was a great success in Cambridge. With over 30 programs and events to choose from, local teens from across... Read More»