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Power of Fiction: August Picks
Phil, Queen's Sqaure | August 1, 2019
What better way to explore the power of fiction than to read two novels that deal with exactly the same story? Margot Wölk’s story as a real life... Read More»
Interlibrary Loan & Delivery
Idea Exchange | July 2, 2019
Dear Members, Idea Exchange is pleased to announce that we will resume interlibrary loan (ILLO) service as of Tuesday, July 2, 2019. As you know,... Read More»
Power of Fiction
Phil, Queen's Square | July 1, 2019
If fiction is going to have any power at all, at some point we need to discuss the way fiction can convincingly get inside the head of a character,... Read More»
Summer Reads
Meghan, Queen's Square | July 1, 2019
So, here’s a tricky question: what’s a “summer read”? Technically, any book could qualify, if you happen to read and enjoy it during the summer.... Read More»
Summer Reading at the Old Post Office
Natalie, OPO | July 1, 2019
This summer, we invite you to join us in the TD Summer Reading Club, Old Post Office style! Public libraries across Canada participate in the biggest... Read More»
Flying under the Radar: Great Books You Don't Want to Miss
Phil, Queen's Square | July 1, 2019
Everyone knows the books with huge marketing budgets or the star-powered authors like James Patterson, Gillian Flynn, or David Baldacci. But there... Read More»
Image by Julia Nakanishi and Tony Kogan 2019
Phil, Queen's Sqaure | June 14, 2019
Common Waters is a community project that explores our relationship with water and provides a platform for us to discuss some of the most pressing... Read More»
Educated Audiobook Cover
Phil, Queen's Square | June 1, 2019
The Audie Award recognizes outstanding audiobooks and spoken-word entertainment. The Audies are picked by the Audio Publishers Association, the not-... Read More»
Typewriter typing good bye
Jessica, Hespeler | June 1, 2019
Have you ever wondered what happens to a book, or a series, if the author dies before completing it?  Writing a book takes a long time, a series even... Read More»
women in superhero costume on pile of books
Phil, Queen's Square | June 1, 2019
If a novel can combine interesting characters without resorting to shock and clichés, distill life today (without being reductive), use language that... Read More»