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Person holding a stack of books in their hands
Phil, Queen's Square | January 4, 2021
Let’s face it, the world is wonky. The days are getting shorter and the desire to hibernate is increasing every day. If only there was a way to get... Read More»
Person holding a tablet with a magazine on the screen
Idea Exchange | December 15, 2020
If you are one of our loyal magazine readers, Idea Exchange has something special to offer. RBDigital has merged with Overdrive, to create an all in... Read More»
Two young women dressed in festive clothes sitting on a couch together.
Jessica, Preston | December 1, 2020
This time of year, many people make a tradition of watching their favourite holiday movies. It’s a great way to get in the holiday spirit and take a... Read More»
Woman with spatula and burnt frying pan
Leah, Queen's Square | November 1, 2020
If Julia Child is Einstein on the cooking evolutionary scale, I sometimes feel like an amoeba still waiting to grow some legs so I can walk on land... Read More»
Poppies in a field
Phil, Queen's Square | October 26, 2020
Tim Cook is an academic who works as the Great War Historian at the Canadian War Museum, and he is also a prolific award-winning author, who is... Read More»
Vegetables and Fruits on a Table
Jennifer, Clemens Mill | October 1, 2020
Over the past year, we have all been through many changes and challenges in order to adapt to our new world. It’s been a time of uncertainty, when... Read More»
hour glass sitting in sand
Jessica, Preston | October 1, 2020
If you were offered the chance to live forever, would you take it? In The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue, one of this month’s most exciting new... Read More»
SRC winner
Idea Exchange | September 10, 2020
Thank you to all 724 participants of Idea Exchange's first year of online summer reading programs. Kids, teens and adults read/listened, created... Read More»
zodiac symbols appearing overtop of opened books on a desk
Meghan, Queen's Square | September 1, 2020
Looking for your next great novel? Why not look to the stars to choose your next reading adventure? Here are the best books for you based on the... Read More»
professional film camera focusing on Notre Dame in the distance
Jessica, Preston | September 1, 2020
Last year I took a “Silver Screen Holiday” by watching movies filmed on location and set in New Orleans, which was a great way to prepare for my... Read More»