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Provider Bean seed packet
Tina, Preston | June 22, 2020
Hi! My name is Tina and I work at Idea Exchange, Preston. I recently joined our Seed Library and was very excited about our OSOC (One Seed One... Read More»
first day of kindergarten for a girl wearing a backpack and holding hands with a parent
Laureen, Queen's Square | June 22, 2020
Starting school can be a very exciting time but also a little scary. Idea Exchange is here to help you get ready for the big day! Kanopy Kids is the... Read More»
freshly made green juice in a mason jar surrounded by fresh veggies and fruit
Veronica, Queen's Square, and Shawna, Old Post Office | June 16, 2020
I just love when it starts to get warmer outside. The birds are chirping, flowers are blooming, and the warm breeze feels wonderful on my face. Warm... Read More»
two hands holding shells and plastic bits
Jennifer, Clemens Mill | June 15, 2020
When Boyan Slat went snorkelling as a teenager on a trip to Greece, he realized he was seeing more plastic bags than fish. Since that day he has been... Read More»
family gathered around a BBQ, grilling food together
Lisa, Hespeler | June 15, 2020
Happy Fathers’ Day! If your dad is like mine, summer is his time to shine in the dinner department. I have wonderful memories of sitting around our... Read More»
Malual Bol Kiir
Shannon, Queen's Square | June 11, 2020
"Play is powerful, because it brings people together.” ~ Malual Bol Kiir Every minute 20 people leave everything behind to escape war, persecution or... Read More»
woman sitting on the floor in a gym beside a weight
Veronica, Queen's Square, and Shawna, Old Post Office | June 9, 2020
There is just something about finishing a great workout that leaves you feeling like you can take on the world and all its challenges. It has become... Read More»
Sarah White from Brow Boss
Christine, Old Post Office | June 2, 2020
Do you ever wonder what led people to their chosen profession? What is their story? How did they get their start? Why did they decide to open their... Read More»
"zero waste" text surrounded by glass jars and reusable bags
Kathleen, Clemens Mill | June 2, 2020
Whether it’s choosing a bamboo toothbrush instead of a plastic one, or making soup instead of tossing your leftovers, decisions like these can... Read More»
adult woman using her computer to video chat in the evening
Gabrielle, Queen's Square | June 1, 2020
Move over Mister Rogers, Idea Exchange is making some big introductions! Join us each Wednesday for Meet Our Neighbours, a new series that shines the... Read More»