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Christmas images on smartphone
Laura (Queen's Square) | November 30, 2015
As you’re driving home, your car tells your home’s thermostat to turn up the heat, your coffeemaker to brew a pot, and your outside lights to blink... Read More»
Appetizer tray
Jennifer, Clemens Mill | November 3, 2015
The theme of our third meeting was Appetizers, and we learned about all kinds of great ideas to make when you have guests over on a special occasion... Read More»
Female hands colouring in adult colouring book
Greg, Clemens Mill | November 2, 2015
Colouring has in the past, been consider something only for kids. That never really made sense. Why should something as enjoyable as colouring be the... Read More»
Mobile phone with chat messages
Ruth, Preston | October 29, 2015
Have you tried to reach your children on their cell phones lately? Grandma won’t leave you a voice message? Your best friend seems to have gone... Read More»
Tablet reading "Happy Thanksgiving" and pumpkins
Kathleen, Queen's Square | October 9, 2015
My relationship with social media goes back many years. In the beginning, it was the “place” I went to when my children were small and I needed... Read More»
Pot cooking
Jennifer, Clemens Mill | October 3, 2015
In our second meeting, we talked about winter warmers, like soups, and stews and chili. We discovered a wonderful book called Soup Sisters which many... Read More»
Three people hiking
Susan H., Hespeler | September 25, 2015
Since the publication of Cheryl Strayed’s memoir, Wild, The Pacific Crest Trail has seen a huge surge in popularity. It looks like everyone is... Read More»
Sculpture of Famous Five by artist Barbara Paterson, 2000
Jessica S., Preston | September 21, 2015
The media has been saturated with details of the senate scandal over the past few months. One cannot seem to open a newspaper or turn on the... Read More»
Jars of pickled vegetables
Susan H., Hespeler | September 21, 2015
I’m no farmer, but it seems like this fall, we have an overabundance of fruit and vegetables and the trees are practically groaning with their weight... Read More»
Person chopping food
Jennifer, Clemens Mill | September 1, 2015
Do you like flipping through the glossy pages of brand new cookbooks? Do you take pictures of beautiful meals? If you love to cook, or even if you... Read More»