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Enigma Machine
Kathleen, Queen's Square | September 1, 2015
Mystery, intrigue, the beginnings of modern computing, long held secrets: taken together, they sound like the makings for an awfully good story. In... Read More»
Queen Elizabeth II royal crest
Jessica, Preston | September 1, 2015
Queen Elizabeth II has had a long and exceptional reign so far. She is the oldest monarch in the world. She was the first British monarch to... Read More»
Discovering the world with a click of your mouse
Linda F., Queen's Square | August 31, 2015
Idea Exchange offers a variety of tours for all sizes of groups, including personal tours, that highlight our collections and services. Library tours... Read More»
Man using smartphone on busy street
Kathleen, Queen's Square | August 4, 2015
As she sat around a campfire with friends and family, my sister noticed a secondary glow – every face was lit by a smart phone. Instead of watching... Read More»
Laura, Queen's Square | August 4, 2015
True fads come and go. Disco, poodle skirts, and Rubik’s Cubes all had their peak and then faded into memory. Sure they’re all still around, but... Read More»
Headphones and audio wavelengths
Phil, Queen's Square | August 1, 2015
If you like radio programmes that stimulate your mind like CBC’s Ideas (hosted by Paul Kennedy) here are a couple of podcasts that’ll keep you... Read More»
Pot over campfire
Jennifer, Clemens Mill | July 1, 2015
The air is getting warmer, the days are getting longer, and on the evening breeze you can smell the faint aroma of the most wonderful smell there is... Read More»
Starfiled and nebula
Caitlyn, Queen's Square | June 26, 2015
Change. It is a word that fills some of us with a feeling of excitement and others a feeling of dread. In a rapidly changing world, we are frequently... Read More»
Headphones and laptop
Phil, Queen's Square | June 10, 2015
It was on a recent long car journey that the real value of podcasts really clicked for me. While travelling along the 401 corridor, the paucity of... Read More»
Pride flag at Cambridge City Hall
Angela, Hespeler | May 31, 2015
Typically June is the month of weddings and in June 2003 Ontario became the first province in Canada to legalize same-sex marriage. It is also the... Read More»