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Come in. Check us out. And UNWRAP the possibilities.
Idea Exchange | November 15, 2013
You don’t have to sneak around to get a peek into all the great things we’ve got just for you. Culture, education and fun – all ready and waiting.... Read More»
Boy holding paper reading ADHD
Angela, Hespeler | October 28, 2013
When I was first told my son, Chris, had met the criteria for ADHD, I felt relief because this diagnosis meant I wasn’t such a bad mother after all... Read More»
Idea No. 3668. Come in. Check us out. And UN|COVER the unlimited potential.
Idea Exchange | October 25, 2013
Take a closer look: things aren’t always as they appear. Cambridge Libraries and Galleries IDEA | EXCHANGE is the physical and virtual place where... Read More»
Come in. Check us out. Possibilities are waiting to be Unmasked
Idea Exchange | September 11, 2013
IDEA | EXCHANGE is taking your Libraries and Galleries to the next level. We’re not doing away with what you love about us – we’re just making... Read More»
Idea Exchange Unveiled
Idea Exchange | September 3, 2013
With so much programming, services and events that are important to you, we’ve decided to shrug off our old, limiting mantle, and embrace our new... Read More»
"Don't be a wallflower. Get in on the action."
Idea Exchange | July 2, 2013
Tired of being the outsider looking in? Don’t be a wallflower, get in on the action! This is your life to live – and we’ve got the resources, tools,... Read More»
Ideas Emerge - As much as things stay the same - they change
Idea Exchange | June 20, 2013
Renewal. Rebirth. Rejuvenation. Transformation. Evolution. Emergence. As much as things stay the same – they change. That includes us. And we’re... Read More»
Car driving
Idea Exchange | May 17, 2013
What makes the world go round?  Wheels, of course!  Steam powered, diesel powered, pedal powered – any shape will do, as long as it’s round.  Our... Read More»
Cambridge teens after prom, with mascots from local high schools
Idea Exchange | May 13, 2013
Live in the now. Expand your possibilities. Whatever your passions or interests – we can help with that. Reading. Film. Music. Social events. Check... Read More»
Shopping cart with question marks
Idea Exchange | April 1, 2013
Making a big purchase? Or even a small one? Spending hard earned cash wisely is important to all of us. That’s why Consumer Reports is so valuable:... Read More»