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"Don't be a wallflower. Get in on the action."
Idea Exchange | July 2, 2013
Tired of being the outsider looking in? Don’t be a wallflower, get in on the action! This is your life to live – and we’ve got the resources, tools,... Read More»
Ideas Emerge - As much as things stay the same - they change
Idea Exchange | June 20, 2013
Renewal. Rebirth. Rejuvenation. Transformation. Evolution. Emergence. As much as things stay the same – they change. That includes us. And we’re... Read More»
Car driving
Idea Exchange | May 17, 2013
What makes the world go round?  Wheels, of course!  Steam powered, diesel powered, pedal powered – any shape will do, as long as it’s round.  Our... Read More»
Cambridge teens after prom, with mascots from local high schools
Idea Exchange | May 13, 2013
Live in the now. Expand your possibilities. Whatever your passions or interests – we can help with that. Reading. Film. Music. Social events. Check... Read More»
Shopping cart with question marks
Idea Exchange | April 1, 2013
Making a big purchase? Or even a small one? Spending hard earned cash wisely is important to all of us. That’s why Consumer Reports is so valuable:... Read More»
Boundless, Opportune, Vast . Your potential awaits. IDEAS UNLIMITED
Idea Exchange | March 20, 2013
Boundless. Opportune. Vast. Possibilities aplenty. Your potential awaits. And it all starts here at Cambridge Libraries & Galleries. We’re about... Read More»
Robot thinking
Idea Exchange | March 17, 2013
Is Your Smart Phone Actually Intelligent? Computers have played an important part in many aspects of our lives. It would be difficult to find an area... Read More»
The Last Viking: The Life of Roald Amundsen by Stephen Bown book cover
Idea Exchange | January 2, 2013
2011 was the 100th anniversary of Roald Amundsen’s successful expedition to the South Pole.  More practical than his British counterparts, Shackleton... Read More»
The Difference Between a B and an A+
Idea Exchange | September 28, 2012
The Difference Between a B and an A+ As September turns casually into October, many parents, teachers and students are just getting into the routine... Read More»
Woman with question marks above her head
Idea Exchange | August 24, 2012
It’s easy to be overwhelmed with information these days, and sometimes it’s hard to know which online sources you can trust. But when you need to... Read More»