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Hespeler's Meccanoid Robot
Susan, Hespeler | March 1, 2017
There’s a new addition at Idea Exchange Hespeler — our robot, Meccanoid! Meccanoid is all ready to show you what he can do. He’s already programmed... Read More»
justice scale, gavel and law books
Phil, Queen's Square | March 1, 2017
At Idea Exchange we can help you find the latest great book, movie, music and so much more. But did you know on Tuesday afternoons from 1-4pm, you... Read More»
seeds sprouting in the ground
Jessica, Preston | March 1, 2017
In 2005, scientists resurrected an ancient being. It wasn’t a dinosaur or a caveman like in the classic movies Jurassic Park or Encino Man, but it... Read More»
dog on a dock
Sarah E, Hespeler | March 1, 2017
You know you’re a crazy dog lady when the people you know point out dogs when they see them or show you funny dog clips on the Internet. Or when you... Read More»
hand and sprouting plant
Beth, Preston | March 1, 2017
As the daughter of a vegetable farmer, I know very well how important seeds are. It constantly amazes me that these tiny specks of nothing can grow,... Read More»
Virtual Reality
Shaun, Hespeler | February 9, 2017
Gone are the days where your local library was considered merely a storage space for books. These days, Idea Exchange has expanded its services... Read More»
Shaun, Hespeler | February 1, 2017
When it comes to most holidays, I am a curmudgeon.  Maybe I’m too old.  Maybe it’s because I don’t have children (trust me, holidays are definitely... Read More»
Stress ball
Sarah E., Hespeler | February 1, 2017
Are you fidgety? Do you constantly shake your leg under the table or beside a friend and find yourself reprimanded? Do you have a habit you want to... Read More»
Two kittens in a basket
Cate, Clemens Mill | February 1, 2017
My trio of cats can be such little devils.  Have you ever had a cat so cute that the cat ended up lying on your kitchen table? Do you ever wish you... Read More»
Foods that cause allergies
Lina, Preston | February 1, 2017
Many people today are having reactions to foods; but are we allergic, intolerant or sensitive? What are the differences? Food allergies are the most... Read More»