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Queen's Square Glass Study Room
Services | November 23, 2020
Due to COVID-19 gathering limit restrictions, only one (1) person is allowed at a time in study spaces or classroom. Time and occupancy limits are... Read More»
Row of computers
Services | October 2, 2020
STUDY TABLES and FREE Wi-Fi Limited study space is available at all locations for one 1-hour session per day, per person. Spaces must be reserved in-... Read More»
Woman holding out book
Services | June 24, 2020
Idea Exchange is now resuming Inter-Library loan service. Please be aware that interlibrary loans may take a little longer than usual to arrive as... Read More»
Cat on chair with keyboard
Services | April 3, 2020
Do you need a recommendation on what to read next online? Help navigating the latest government or health information updates on COVID- 19? Do you... Read More»
Library Settlement Program logo
Services | March 31, 2020
As a primary settlement agency in Cambridge, YMCA Immigrant Services acts as a “first stop” for newcomers.  Through the YMCA Library Settlement... Read More»
Teen and senior sitting and laughing
Shannon, Queen’s Square | January 1, 2020
Storytelling is about connections. It transcends generations, stirs our emotions, and promotes togetherness. Through the stories we share, we reveal... Read More»
8mm film reels
Services | August 30, 2019
Do you have family history or other videos captured on 8mm film reels or Super 8 film reels? Bring these memories back to life with Reel-to-Reel Film... Read More»
A/V Room
Services | August 27, 2019
Want to make YouTube videos, podcasts, or digital art? Do you have boxes of old photographic slides or film negatives just waiting to be digitized?... Read More»
Digital Embroidery is here!
Lauren, OPO | August 1, 2019
Here in the Makerspace at the Old Post Office we are thrilled to announce that our new digital embroidery machine has arrived! This machine will make... Read More»
wacom art tablet
Services | June 21, 2019
If you’re interested in illustration, photography or graphic design, you’re going to love the Wacom Intuos Art tablet available for use in the... Read More»