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Unusual Stuff to Borrow

A clapboard is held up with a large video camera in the background
Dan, Old Post Office | October 1, 2021
Do you like animated films like Nightmare Before Christmas, The LEGO Movie, or the holiday classic Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer? These films were... Read More»
PlaySmarts Logo
Brandon | June 1, 2021
Learning through play is essential. The PlaySmarts Toy & Game Collection at Idea Exchange makes it accessible for every family, at any time.... Read More»
Borrowing | March 3, 2021
The Rigamajig is one of our favourite STEAM toys at the library!  With just a little imagination you can build cars, forts, pulley systems,... Read More»
GRCA Park Membership Card
Borrowing | February 16, 2021
See all Grand River Parks Membership CardsSee all Ontario Parks Passes Grand River Parks Membership Cards A Membership card for Grand River Parks... Read More»
iPad on top of a stack of books
Borrowing | February 1, 2021
Fantastic news! You can borrow an iPad from Idea Exchange and enjoy browsing the Internet, apps and e-reading from home or on the go. Use an adult... Read More»
Read the Rainbow Orange kit with games and books
Idea Exchange | August 26, 2020
Launched in Summer 2019, our Read the Rainbow levelled literacy collection has not only been wildly successful, but since the onset of the pandemic... Read More»
STEAMbox Artist Lia Humphrey with STEAMboxes
Brandon at Queen's Square | August 7, 2020
Each of our STEAMboxes offers a unique, hands-on, interdisciplinary learning experience for a child and grownup to explore together. Originally an in... Read More»
Idea Exchange | February 28, 2020
Memory Kits These dementia friendly kits provide activities for person with Alzheimer’s, memory loss and other neurological issues and their... Read More»
Two children with earphones on listening to wonderbooks
Idea Exchange | February 25, 2020
Wonderbooks Wonderbooks are print books with an attached ready-to-play audiobook inside. These picture books have headphone jacks for independent... Read More»
Harry Potter Coding Wand
Idea Exchange | January 3, 2020
Want to try your hand at robotics building? How about coding your very own wand? Idea Exchange now has robotics, coding kits, and other electronic... Read More»