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Unusual Stuff to Borrow

board game pieces
Borrowing | January 3, 2018
With a fun evening in mind, Idea Exchange is pleased to announce our new Board Game Collection! See all Idea Exchange Board Games. We have a wide... Read More»
People playing video games
Borrowing | August 25, 2017
Ready player one? It’s time to get your game on! You can borrow video games from Idea Exchange! See all Idea Exchange Video Games. Power-up with our... Read More»
Stacks of books with one open book
Borrowing | August 25, 2017
Can’t wait to read the newest and most popular books? While the hottest titles often have the longest reserve lists, most of our high demand titles... Read More»
Hands doing a jigsaw puzzle
Borrowing | August 25, 2017
Love puzzles but get sick of doing the same one again and again? Take home a puzzle from Idea Exchange! We have a selection of jigsaw puzzles at all... Read More»
Borrowing | August 25, 2017
Want to save money on hydro? Then our Power Saving Toolkit is for you. This Toolkit gives you everything you need to monitor how much electricity... Read More»
Confession by John Grisham Playaway
Borrowing | August 25, 2017
Playaways are audiobooks that play an entire book at the touch of a button. There is no need for a separate player, and you don’t have to worry about... Read More»
Hand holding pedometer
Borrowing | August 25, 2017
Keep track of how many steps you take in a day with our handy pedometer kits. Available at all Idea Exchange locations, these kits can help you make... Read More»
Region of Waterloo Museums Family Pass - Check it out
Borrowing | August 25, 2017
Check out a museum pass and investigate all four Region of Waterloo Museums with your family, free of charge.  See all Region of Waterloo Museums... Read More»
Colorful crochet hooks and yarn
Borrowing | August 25, 2017
Have you ever wanted to try a new hobby like knitting or glass etching? The start-up costs for a new hobby can be high when you have to buy basic... Read More»
Tree growing from book
Borrowing | August 25, 2017
Improve your English reading and writing skills with our adult literacy resources. See all items in the Idea Exchange Literacy Collection. The... Read More»