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Unusual Stuff to Borrow

old book with pink flower in middle
Meghan, Queen's Square | January 3, 2019
According to the Alzheimer Society of Canada, 564,000 Canadians currently live with dementia, a range of conditions that includes Alzheimer’s disease... Read More»
Boy playing guitar (close up)
Borrowing | January 2, 2019
Are your kids interested in music? Do they want to try their hand at guitar playing but you aren’t sure they’ll like it? Learning a new instrument... Read More»
Some of our handpainted STEAMboxes
Borrowing | December 18, 2018
Each of our STEAMboxes offers a unique, hands-on, interdisciplinary learning experience for a child and parent to explore together for an hour or an... Read More»
board game pieces
Borrowing | December 17, 2018
Switch off your devices! Unwind with friends and family by checking out one of our Board Games! See all Idea Exchange Board Games. We have a wide... Read More»
Stacks of books with one open book
Borrowing | November 30, 2018
We’ve made a change to our Rapid Reads collection and now these materials can be checked out for seven days! That’s right, you now have a whole week... Read More»
sports equipment
Borrowing | September 8, 2018
Come out and play! Enjoy our special ‘Active Living’ collection of outdoor sports and games equipment in the community park outside of the Clemens... Read More»
Colorful crochet hooks and yarn
Borrowing | September 8, 2018
Have you ever wanted to try a new hobby like knitting or glass etching? The start-up costs for a new hobby can be high when you have to buy basic... Read More»
woman with laptop and webcam
Borrowing | September 7, 2018
Need a web camera for an interview, for training, or just for fun? All Idea Exchange library locations now have webcams you can use in the library or... Read More»
Region of Waterloo Museums Family Pass - Check it out
Borrowing | August 13, 2018
Check out a museum pass and investigate all four Region of Waterloo Museums with your family, free of charge.  See all Region of Waterloo Museums... Read More»
Books to Go Bags
Borrowing | August 1, 2018
Do you have little kids and little time?  Fostering a love of reading has great benefits and we want to help make it easier with our Books to Go... Read More»