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Post Office

Circuits lit up from centre
Caitlyn, Queen's Square | October 29, 2015
Small and simple electronics are a fantastic way to light up fun projects. These gadgets are sometimes called ‘sewable circuitry,’ ‘etextiles,’ or ‘... Read More»
Galt Aircraft School, (later the Jolly Jumper factory) destroyed by fire in 1992
Linda F., Queen's Square | August 4, 2015
This is a good time to highlight some significant Cambridge architecture that has been preserved, usually by a combination of hard work on the part... Read More»
Read Anywhere
Loretta, Queen's Square | April 30, 2015
Summer is nearly here, and with it comes vacations! Whether you are jetting off to Europe, or sitting on your balcony with your feet in the kiddy... Read More»
New Galt Post Office design, City of Cambridge
History | January 30, 2015
City council approves the purchase of the Old Post Office building at 12 Water Street South. The building will house a maker space, digital labs and... Read More»
Music Hub on stage
Services | January 5, 2015
Idea Exchange, Clemens Mill has a Music Hub available for bookings.  The Music Hub includes a drum kit, two guitars, a bass guitar and a keyboard,... Read More»
Kids | October 10, 2014
Participants of the after school Art Lab program created some robots that can draw.
Idea No. 1954 Make our space your own.
Idea Exchange | September 30, 2014
Meet the Goad family. Brooke, Anthony, Beth, Matthew, and Hannah – pictured at our Idea Exchange, Queen’s Square location they are making themselves... Read More»
Chefjet 3D printer
Jamie, Queen's Square | August 1, 2014
No longer the stuff of science fiction or just for printing plastic figurines, 3D printing is being used for more exciting real world applications... Read More»
Girl with pigtails building with lego
Kids | July 12, 2014
What have you made lately? Do you like to invent new things, build with tools, write code or maybe you enjoy creating by painting, or cooking? Did... Read More»
Bloor Gladstone Library, Toronto, Completed 2009. Courtesy of RDH Architects.
Idea Exchange | May 6, 2014
Great news!  The City of Cambridge has selected RDH Architects as the architectural firm for the old Post Office Project.  Here’s an excerpt from the... Read More»