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Release Agreement

I give Idea Exchange permission to publish and use the stories, images and/or videos submitted via this form.

I attest that I have the right to give this permission because it is either my work or I have obtained permission from the owner.

I understand that my submission(s) may be subject to formatting or editorial changes such as image cropping, colour changes, or changes in format or length.

I agree that my permission for the final form of my submission(s) will not be required.

I authorize the use of excerpts & quotes from my submission(s).

I authorize the use of only my first name and last initial, and my city of residence to publically identify my submission

I agree that the materials I submit may be published by Idea Exchange in any manner or format, including (but not limited to) online web sites and other forms of print/digital media. While Idea Exchange will not sell these images or stories to anyone, I understand that it cannot prevent someone else from copying the images or stories without permission.

I agree that I will have no claim against Idea Exchange for unauthorized use or for the modification of my submissions as described above.

I also agree that the permissions granted in this document will be legally binding and unlimited as to time. I agree not to revoke my permission.

Clicking Submit signified agreement to these terms and sends the files to Idea Exchange.