José Luis Torres: Dérives

José Luis Torres, Méandres (2021) at Preston Gallery

Cambridge Art Galleries invites the community to explore the work of artist José Luis Torres with the interactive exhibition, Dérives, at the Preston Gallery.

“José Luis Torres is a visionary artist at the intersection of art and architecture,” explained Alix Voz, exhibition curator. “He invites visitors on a mesmerizing journey that acknowledges movement as self-constructed, while exploring the contemporary way of life, and infusing the exhibition with a dynamic dialogue between elements that question the fragility and adaptability of humanity.”

Inspired by the philosophy, 'Le lieu interprété comme objet et l'objet comme lieu' (The place is interpreted as an object and the object as a place.), Dérives emerges as an immersive architectural ensemble, a space of freedom fostering limitless possibilities. Handcrafted wooden structures painted with vibrant hues beckon visitors to explore and shape the space as they see fit. Dérives challenges traditional notions by immediately confronting visitors with diverse modes of movement within the space.

Dérives will be on display in the Preston Gallery from December 9, 2023, to March 17, 2024. 

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