Snow Much Fun

Two dogs with knitted hats sitting in a snowy feild.

Winter is the perfect time for having fun in the snow, learning something new, and reading great books.

A great way to celebrate the season is by joining Snow Much Fun, our adult reading club for winter 2024. The club is a chance to read cool books or do delightful missions. You can then log your points for chances to win awesome prizes. Snow Much Fun runs from January 8 to March 4. You can get in on the excitement by registering online.

Our Staff Picks for Best Books of 2023 is an inspirational start to your reading list. We also have three different book clubs for your reading edification. The Preston and Old Post Office locations offer a more traditional book club with a set reading list. The less traditional option is the UnBook Club, which is held at a different restaurant in Cambridge each time and there’s no set book to read. You can also arrange your own book club and borrow one of our Book Club in a Bag kits.

If you would like to meet new people and learn something new this winter, there are plenty of cozy meet-ups to enjoy. We are also offering programs for an array of interests throughout January and February. Discover these by picking up our Winter magazine or check out our online calendar for more details on our fabulous programs and events.
Get ready to have Snow Much Fun with Idea Exchange in 2024!

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