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Chilling Out (Mindfulness & Relaxation)


This booklist was prepared as a supplementary resource to the program Meditate with Snoopy, an after-school program offered by Idea Exchange that focuses on wellness and socioemotional learning for children and families.

Gates, Mariam.
Meditate with me

Describes what meditation is and how it can help provide clarity of mind. See also "Breathe With Me" by the same author. Target ages 4-8.

Willey, Kira.
Breathe like a bear

A collection of 30 brief mindfulness exercises that are easy and imaginative to try with a child, all of them guided and demonstrated by animals. Target ages 2-8.

A world of mindfulness

Encourages mindfulness by paying attention to our senses. Explains how feelings are not good or bad, they just are, and that if we just quietly hold them they quickly melt away --just like snow. Target ages 2-8.

Herman, Steve
The mindful dragon

Part of a series of books on wellness, emotional health, and positive behaviour by the same author. Target ages 4-8.

Gravel, Elise.
Puppy in my head

A young girl talks about her mind as though it is a puppy in her head. Illustrates to children that they are not their thoughts or emotions and that their thoughts and emotions are not wrong, they just are. Target ages 2-8.

Gates, Mariam.
Breathe with me

Describes in rhyme several different controlled breathing techniques. See also "Meditate With Me" by the same author. Target ages 4-8.

Eland, Eva.
Where happiness begins

In this book Happiness is a character that's sometimes hard to find, takes different forms, but is always close by because, "in the end, Happiness begins with you." Openings for discussion can include asking, "What makes you happy? Where did you last find happiness? Tell me about a time when happiness hid from you and was hard to find. Tell me about a time when you found happiness somewhere you didn't expect." See also "When Sadness is At Your Door" by the same author. Target ages 4-8.

Jordan, Apple.
Meddy Teddy

Join Meddy the teddy bear as he awakes from hibernation in the Spring. Follow along as he encounters different animal friends in the forest and learn different yoga poses and mindfulness tips from each of them. Target ages 4-8.