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Feeling Down (Sadness & Depression)


This booklist is supplementary material for the Idea Exchange Kids program Meditate with Snoopy, an after-school program for children and families that explores mental health, wellness, and emotional literacy.

Daly, Cathleen.
Emily's blue period

A young girl and aspiring artist experiences her parents' separation and learns about what makes a family, where "home" is, and discovers the healing power of art. Target ages 6-10.

Chien Chow Chine, Aurélie.
Little Unicorn is sad

Part of a series on different emotions by the same author. All the books are very good at growing emotional intelligence/awareness and building a vocabulary for different states of mind. Target ages 2-8.

Kelkar, Supriya
The many colors of Harpreet Singh

Communicates the timeless and universal sentiment of "This, too, shall pass" through the story of a young boy going through a move to follow his mother's job. As a bonus, we also learn about Harpreet's Sikh patka, a type of Sikh turban. Target ages 4-10.

Eland, Eva.
When sadness is at your door

Sadness is a character in this book, depicted by a blue cloud. Helps younger children to talk about and recognize sadness. Target ages 4-8.