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Saying Goodbye (Grief & Loss)


This booklist was made for Meditate with Snoopy, an after-school mindfulness and meditation program or children and families.

Higginbotham, Anastasia.
Death is stupid

Follows a child's experience after the death of his grandmother. The book explores what death is, what it isn't, things people commonly say when someone dies, and offers suggestions for how to remember someone who has died. Target ages 6-10.

Kelsey, Elin.
A last goodbye

This book tenderly illustrates how death comes to everyone and how we all react differently. It explores how different animals say their "last goodbye" to loved ones, how each goodbye is different, how we remember, and how death always brings new life. Openings for discussion might include, "How do you feel when you say a last goodbye? Can you point to an animal in the book that looks how you feel?" Target ages 4-8.

Doerrfeld, Cori.
The rabbit listened

Sometimes things fall apart. This story leads young readers through different stages of grief as they visit Taylor in the form of different animals. All the animals try to help, but the only one who really does it the rabbit. Rabbit listens and comforts as Taylor processes his emotions. A great book that explores all sides of loss. Target ages 4-8.