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Silver Birch Award Nominees: Express


The Forest of Reading is an initiative of the Ontario Library Association (OLA), and celebrates Canadian books, authors, publishers, and illustrators. The Silver Birch program is meant for readers aged 8 to 12, from Grades 3-6. The Express list that is made up of both Fiction and Non-Fiction, and geared to the more reluctant reader.

George, Joanne.

2018 Silver Birch Award Winner: Express!

McAllister, Ian
Wolf Island

Granfield, Linda.
The Vimy oaks

Poulin, Andrée.
Pablo finds a treasure

Dupuis, Jenny Kay.
I am not a number

George, K.
A true home

Cassidy, Sara.
A boy named Queen

Miettunen, Anita.
Big blue forever

Milway, Katie Smith
The banana-leaf ball