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Today I'm Feeling... (Emotional Vocabulary)


This booklist was developed as a supplementary resource for Meditate with Snoopy, an after-school program for children and families that explores mental health, wellness, and mindfulness.

Parr, Todd.
The feelings book

Builds emotional vocabulary with colourful cartoons.

Moniz, Madalena.
Today I feel...

Each page names a different emotion for a different letter of the alphabet. A great discussion starter: "When do you feel 'adored'? Can you think of another feeling that starts with the letter 'A'?" Target ages 2-8.

Llenas, Anna
The color monster

The reader helps Color Monster to sort out how he feels. Different emotions are explored and explained with different coloured collages. Book actively engages reader as well and is a good narrative to help develop emotional vocabulary. Target ages 2-8.