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But What About...!? (Worry & Anxiety)


This booklist was prepared for the program Meditate with Snoopy provided by Idea Exchange, an after-school program that explores mental health, wellness, and emotional literacy.

Chien Chow Chine, Aurélie.
Little Unicorn is shy

Part of a series on different emotions by the same author. All the books are very good at growing emotional intelligence/awareness and building a vocabulary for different states of mind. Target ages 2-8.

Kang, Anna.
I am (not) scared

A short story that shows how it's easier to face something scary when you have someone to face it with you, and how things aren't always as scary as your mind can make them out to be. Target ages 2-8.

Miller, Pat Zietlow.
When you are brave

A young girl is moving house. Explores different kids of bravery, how courage can be found within, and how it is there inside of you whenever you need it. Target ages 4-8.

Verde, Susan.
I am peace

Illustrates the importance of paying attention to the "here and now" when the thoughts in our heads "are like rushing water" and we feel "like a boat with no anchor." Encourages distance between self and thoughts when the thoughts are not being helpful. Part of a series of books by the same author. Target ages 4-8.

Chiew, Suzanne.
The worry box

Explores how writing can help us distance ourselves from our worries. A small bear learns how to get specific about what is worrying him, write it down, put it in a box, and not let it stop him from having fun and making new friends. Target ages 4-8.