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2018 TD Summer Reading Club!


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Elora, Queen's Square | June 1, 2018

Don’t let the kids fall into the summer reading slump! Not when there is so much going on at Idea Exchange to prevent it. We all know how hard it can be for some kids to sit down and open a book during the summer, especially when there may not be anyone to share in their reading experience, no one to talk to about their stories or provide them with feedback. Unless you are signed up for our TD Summer Reading Club.

Here at Idea Exchange we make summer reading fun and interactive for all school-aged readers. Children are encouraged to read books throughout the summer and share their experience with staff or volunteers in exchange for Weekly Prize and Grand Prize tickets, the more you read the more tickets you get. Many children find a new enthusiasm for reading outside the pressure of a classroom, they learn that reading can be a fun and worthwhile activity outside of school.

Reading during the summer is not only fun, it’s necessary if you want to prevent summer learning loss, which affects a significant amount of students every summer. Summer learning loss (the “summer slide” or “slump”) occurs when a significant amount of academic knowledge and skills are lost during the two summer months due to lack of practice. This academic retreat makes it difficult for students to restart their studies in September and keep up in the next grade, which can affect learning success throughout the year.

So, this summer don’t let the reading slump get you down. Instead, come on out to our Idea Exchange locations and sign up for our Summer Reading Club, where we make reading fun!