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Adding, Subtracting and Telling Time


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Elora at Queen's Square | July 19, 2019

Adding, subtracting and telling time are just some of the fun things you can do with numbers. I know what you’re thinking, “How are numbers fun?” But we are very fortunate in the 21st century to have so many resources available to us that make learning a fun, exciting and rewarding experience --especially learning mathmatics. By working with our kids from a young age we can help them develop important skills that will benefit them not only in school but for the rest of their lives. Wondering where to begin?

 Here is a list of five fun, interactive strategies to help you bring math concepts and numbers into your child’s life:

  1. Play Math Games:
    1. Online
    2. Board game ideas
    3. Games at home/with a group
  2. Invest in Math Based Toys
    1. Pattern blocks
    2. Match it! Counting
    3. Counting Caterpillar
  3. Read Math Related  Books
    1. Picture Books
    2. Puzzle Books
    3. Work Books
  4. Ask Thoughtful Math Questions, such as:
    1. Is ½ of  my pizza bigger than ¾ of my pizza?
    2. If the speed limit is 60 km/h and I’m going 70km/h how many kilometers over the speed limit am I going?
    3. Which is heavier, this cantaloupe or this bag of marshmallows?
  5. Introduce Real World Math
    1. Compare prices at the grocery store. Ask your child which item is cheaper and how much money you’ll be saving.
    2. Teach your child how to count out change, have them be your helper and do this any time you need some change counted!
    3. Teach your little ones how to tell time (on an analogue clock): To get them familiar with the concept of time, start timing everyday activities, like getting dressed for school or eating dinner. (You can also use time as a reward system for ex. “If you do all of your homework you will get 30 min to play before bed). Check out this great learning resource!

We are surrounded by mathematics everyday of our lives so let’s start empowering our children to ask questions, be curious and discover answers!