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The Art of Math



  • boy in front of a chalkboard showing math and art

Programs + Events | December 1, 2018

There are many parts of math that can be linked to art. Have you ever made a shape scene? Or a repeating pattern when creating a piece of art? These are just two of the many ways you could combine art and math. In our new winter program “The Art of Math” we will have fun learning all about numbers, as well as making unique mathematical works of art.

Each program will have an exciting art activity that will be based around math, fractions in paint, graph a city scape, and more. We will also play math related games, like clock and money match games, math bingo, as well as dice and card games. Math doesn’t have to be just about learning! We can have fun, and expand our understanding of numbers too. 

This original program was designed for kids ages 6+ to bring fun, learning and creativity together. It will be full of exciting math learning experiences, as well as a creative space to show off your artistic abilities. Come and enjoy “The Art of Math”, January 2nd, February 6th, and March 6th, hope to see you there!!