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Marg, Clemens Mill | May 2, 2018

birding for beginners book coverAre you looking for an activity that the whole family can get excited about? Consider the fascinating seek-and-find hobby of birdwatching! This is the perfect season to start. There’s the thrill of spotting a new bird you’ve never seen before, whether in your yard, or while on a hike. You will discover all the colour ranges, names, and trilling songs of your new favourite, feathered friends. You may even start to recognize their eating and nesting habits – it can become an obsession!

As well as enjoying being out in nature, you and your family can hone your observational skills and record all your amazing finds in a family birding notebook. Some of the beginner birdwatching books even provide local bird checklists.

For me, this fascination started when I bought a very inexpensive wild bird seed-feeder. I hung it up in the tree outside my front window, and lo and behold, I was in a birder’s wonderland immediately. It’s the first time in my life I really looked closely at these beautiful little creatures that share our ecosystem. While trying to identify my new little friends, I realized I had a lot to learn! (There are many books available to help identify the birds you see, and I started with this one: Birding for Beginners, by Sheila Buff.)

For a selection of other fun and colour-rich bird books to get you all engaged, see our collection keywords “birds” and “birdwatching”.

Bird IS the word this Spring!