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Ioana, Hespeler | April 21, 2020

I'm obsessed with birds, a pure, 100% bird nerd! And I have three bird watching guides on my shelves to prove it.

Paying attention to birds and trying to see how many different types you can spot is a great way to liven up any walk, especially now that walks are a highlight in many of our days at home (responsible social distancing in effect, of course!). Did you know that many scientists now think that birds actually descended from dinosaurs!? True story!

If you'd like to learn more about these feathery dinosaur descendants, I'd strongly recommend the Great Courses series on The Scientific Wonder of Birds, available through our streaming service Kanopy. It includes 12 lessons on the weird and wonderful qualities of birds.

Semi-spoiler alert: the two lessons on bird mating behaviours are an absolute hoot!

UPDATE: here's an event that my friend Anne just told me about...

Calling all social distancing nature lovers! Are you participating in the Global Big Day? On May 9th spend a few minutes to observe the birds in your our backyard, balcony or out the window. Submit your sightings to eBird where they will be added to the global list and contribute to science.  Anyone can participate and every birdy matters — who knows what you’ll spot!

Anne also send me some of her own bird-ography to get you inspired!