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Brittni, Queen’s Square | March 1, 2018

A Wrinkle in Time, Mary Poppins Returns, and Peter Rabbit are all blockbusters hitting the big screen in 2018, but did you know these are all based on classic children’s stories we have here at Idea Exchange?

Children’s books are made into feature films regularly. And why not? Kids’ books already have great characters we love, they have intriguing storylines and more often than not, there is a positive life lesson in every story. It’s the perfect mix to capture our attention in print and on the big screen.

Here are some of our most popular book titles that have movie versions too:

Before these books become major motion pictures this year, why not take the book out first?

A Wrinkle in TimeMary Poppins Comes Back The Tale of Peter Rabbit The Jungle BookGoosebumps HorrorLand 

Does it matter which one you experience first, the book or the film? Some say the movie never lives up to the book, but sometimes film versions make interesting choices that add to the story. If you have a child who is hesitant to read, let them watch the movie first to peak their interest, then suggest reading the book together. Have an avid reader? Read the book then watch the movie and make comparisons to enhance reading comprehension. Ask which they liked better and why. Imagine together how they would make the movie if they were in charge.

With a little creative thinking, film and print versions of children’s stories can each add value to the other.