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Elora at Queen's Square | August 9, 2019

With the ever changing and progressing resources we have for our children to use on computers, phones and tablets it can be overwhelming to find safe, reliable and educational interactive games/activities for our little ones to use.

Databases: Databases allow organizations such as Idea Exchange to offer a vast collection of data to members in an organized, structured fashion. Idea Exchange subscribes to several kid friendly databases which can be a helpful homework resource to the public at not charge.

Websites: Idea Exchange has already compiled some amazing websites for kids specifically to help them practice the skills they are learning in school. Teach your children how to help themselves in a fun techy way by accessing some wonderful websites through Idea Exchange! Don’t forget about tumble books and all the interactive activities you can play with themes based on your favourite characters and authors.

Apps: Here an app, there an app, everywhere an app app! There are thousands of apps out there hoping to engage children in activities that will improve literacy, numeracy and overall cognitive ability.  It’s impossible to know which apps are right for your child without trying them out, but there are some helpful websites out there that can help you find amazing apps that have been reviewed by others. Check out eLearning INDUSTRY and common Sense media for some new app suggestions. You can also come try the apps we have specially selected on our iPads by attending programming. We're always looking for ways to integrate technology into what we do.

Technology is all around us and by teaching our children how to embrace it and use it to their advantage we will help them advance through life in incredible ways.