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DIY Science Experiments



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Sarah, Hespeler | March 1, 2017

The best part about DIY experiments is that you have most of the ingredients at home. While you may have to buy a few at Dollarama or the grocery store, these experiments are cheap and cheerful. Pinterest is a great starting point for finding experiment ideas for kids. Here are a few more to get you going:

Most of the experiments I do for my STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) program involve baking soda which is handy as it’s a household staple. One of the easiest experiments of all involves squirting coloured vinegar into little bowls or tins filled with baking soda. Kids love playing around with different variables for this one.

My advice is to try not to take the process seriously (as I sometimes do). The kids will enjoy seeing what happens with different materials and even if you move too fast and create a mini explosion like me, they will be delighted.