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Niketa, Hespeler | April 1, 2019

On April 22nd millions of people are joining together to participate in Earth Day. But you don't have to wait, you can make every day Earth Day!

Start with something simple like using less water when you brush your teeth, or take your own reusable bags to the grocery store, or maybe walk or bike to work or school. Every little-bit adds up to big results when we all work together.

Here’s another idea, how about turning your trash into treasure! Use your imagination to make something awesome out of your old junk. It’s a great way to repurpose things that just sit around collecting dust. Plus, you’re reducing pollution by keeping materials that can't be broken down by the earth out of the landfills.

Here’s my favourite activity, grow your own veggies! Not only do you reduce monthly grocery costs, but it provides greenspaces and for people and animals. Besides, how awesome would it feel knowing that your eating something that you picked fresh from your garden!

Preston Idea Exchange is home to a free seed library with an accessible outdoor garden. You are welcomed to choose from a variety of seeds to start your very own garden. But in the spirit of Earth Day, save some seeds to give back.

Check out some of these titles on Earth Day, recycling and Earth-friendly crafts, as well as Preston Idea Exchange for more programs and workshops.

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