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Earth Day Learning


Be Creative!

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Lisa, Hespeler | April 17, 2020

Hello, everyone!

I hope you find some time to enjoy Earth Day with your family. These are some resources that I think would be both educational and entertaining, providing for some quality Earth Day fun.

Have a look at the Curiosity Quest Goes Green series on our streaming service Kanopy. The very informative episodes in this series include topics such as recycling all different types of materials, worm farming, rescuing wild animals, backyard composting, the effects of plastics in our oceans, battery recycling, fishing for energy, green surfboards (what!?), greening your home, lunch tray recycling, clothing recycling and many more!

Looking to explore Earth Day with a familiar friend? Franklin's Earth Day is also available on Kanopy as a read-along. Come and see how everyone's favourite turtle honours our Mother Earth.

Alison Hughes' book What Matters is available on our TumbleBooks service and is also a great read.

And, last but not least, I found a wonderful printable, spring scavenger hunt from the good ol' CBC that you can do from home.

There is literally no end to what we can learn about Planet Earth, and no end to what we can learn from her. Let's get started!