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Sue and Tina, Preston | September 5, 2018

At Idea Exchange we often do seasonally-themed programming. And children love activities that involve animals. Games like “Pin the Feathers on the Turkey” can easily be adapted to help children recognize different animals. But we can’t (often) invite those animals inside. Attending events like Fall Fairs puts learning into context in a thousand ways.

View our current programs [PDF].

Growing up in the small village of Rockton, the annual Rockton World’s Fair every Thanksgiving Weekend was --and still is-- the most exciting thing to happen in that little community.  Aside from the popular midway many fairs offer a wide variety of events and things to see and do at no additional cost.

For city kids fairs can be unique opportunities to experience rural life and find out how town and country are connected. Kids can get up-close with horses from little ponies to gigantic draft horses. They can check out the cows, donkeys, goats, sheep, rabbits, and foul live and in person.

Young scientists can explore a bee colony to find its queen then taste some fresh honey comb. Or they can see which animals lay eggs (not rabbits) and what’s inside (not chocolate). Here’s a list of other fair activities that are both fun and educational:

  • Watch a sheep shearing and see how wool is made
  • Play in the corn and learn its many uses
  • Take part in a mini tractor pull
  • Drive some nails
  • See the biggest pumpkin and find out how much it weighs
  • Sample some homemade fudge and check out the wood carvers
  • Discover prize winning pies, cakes, quilts and beautiful hand crafts

The autumn fair season runs from late August to Thanksgiving throughout Ontario. Winners from competitions at the fall fairs collect points needed to qualify for the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair held in November in Toronto.

Visit one near you.

View a calendar of fall fairs in our area [PDF]