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Family Day Fun with Steve Oz Magic


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Jan, Queen's Square | February 1, 2018

Steve Oz Family Fun Magic Show from 2:30-3:15pm at the Hespeler Idea Exchange.

Save the date! It is going to be an awesome magic show and the price can’t be beat (there’s no charge!).

Steve Oz is an incredible children’s entertainer who lives in in Southwestern Ontario. His shows are always energetic, interactive and LOL funny.

Ahead of his Family Day performance, we decided to ask him how it all began. It was actually his Grandfather who got Steve hooked on magic by taking him to magic shows and showing him tricks. For the first ten years of his life, he was an apprentice of sorts by borrowing library books about magic, reading them and practicing the tricks. In Steve’s case practice made perfect! He began performing on the street and at festivals. Steve especially loved being outdoors, performing magic that would surprise and amaze his audiences.

Since he is a local celebrity, we asked him some important questions about himself. What Steve’s favourite candy? Red licorice was the reply. We also checked about any favourite pets?  Apparently what Steve loves, instead of pets, is making balloon animals. What’s his favourite website? His own, of course! Visit for details and bookings.

You will be blown away by the magic and have a good family day laugh. Put this show in your calendar. You, your kids, your friend’s kids, your grandkids, and neighbours’ kids all need to come and see it for yourselves. What a fabulous Family Day! You seriously don’t want to miss it. Come to our Hespeler location for the whole day (we open at 12pm) to make some crafts, play some games, read some books, and get a front row seat for the performance.