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Family New Year's Resolutions


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Beth, Preston | January 2, 2017

The New Year is a time for many to make resolutions.  There is something about the fresh slate of a whole year stretching in front that is inspiring!  I’ve often made new goals in January (and I’ve also learned to try to be realistic to avoid burnout or disappointment!).  This year, I realized that many of my new goals were family-oriented.

In the coming year, I want to make an effort to try new things as a family, especially since my daughter is turning four soon.  She is now old enough to be curious about and to enjoy various types of art, and music, and is eager for new experiences.  Art galleries, museums, and kid-friendly concerts and performances are on our list for 2017.

The interests of you and your family will guide your own goals, as well as the ages of your kids.  There are so many possibilities.  Maybe this is the year to volunteer together, be more active together, spend more time outdoors, eat more meals together, try new foods, involve kids in cooking, let kids plan vacations, or so many other things.  Maybe your goal is simply to take stock of what kind of goals your kids have and try to help them to reach those goals!  We would love to hear about your own goals or ideas in the comments below!

Here at Idea Exchange we may be able to help you with your goals, or inspire you to create new ones.  Want to spend more time together?  Come out to one of our great programs, or check out a puzzle to do together. Our pedometers can help you be more active.  Go somewhere new with our free Waterloo Region Museum Passes.  Learn something new with our maker kits, musical instruments or guitarsOr sign up for one of our art coursesWe also always have books and materials about whatever other topic you may want to learn more about, of course, whether planning a meal, or planning a vacation

Whatever resolutions you may choose as a family, Idea Exchange wishes everyone health and happiness in 2017.