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This Fly Guy Takes the Lead!


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Hannah at Preston | November 1, 2019

As each day of the Summer Reading Club progresses here at Idea Exchange Preston, I am fortunate enough to meet many new children who have a shared passion for reading, learning, and having fun! One child I have gotten to know especially well is Holden who appears to have made the library his second home this summer.

Holden has come to the library every day since he registered for the club, and currently has more stamps on his tracking card than anyone else! He rides his bike to the club each day, which he loves to do, and arrives eager to tell me about the books he has read. He also plays the Summer Reading Club games during his visit, and is always welcoming others such as his dad, myself, and new friends he meets at the library to play the games with him.

The series Holden is enjoying right now is the Fly Guy series by Tedd Arnold. He recently told me all about the book Hooray for Fly Guy, and how he loves that these books have chapters. They make for a great introduction to chapter books while still having appropriate language and fun stories to read!

According to his dad, Holden’s reading abilities tend to decline over the summer while he’s not in school, so the Summer Reading Club has been a great way to keep him engaged, reading, and motivated. They “couldn’t be happier" with his new routine.

We are beyond grateful to have such amazing children like Holden here at Idea Exchange, and we can’t wait to see what the rest of the summer holds!