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A Fun-Filled Summer


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Melanie at Queen's Square | November 1, 2019

A fun-filled summer means spending lots of time with family. Siblings Jude and Paisley, along with their cousins Addison, Myles, and Riley love to be together. During the summer, their favourite things to do include going to the beach, the park, the cottage and the library. These cousins spend tons of time together over the summer months and are often doing a special activity.

However, the busy group always makes time for reading, and they each have a favourite book or author. As the eldest of them all, Jude is reading the biggest book; The Last Apprentice, by Joseph Delaney. He’s nearly done the 400-page book and is very dedicated to it. This week Jude won a weekly prize, which is definitely an awesome reward for all his reading. Addison is into the Dr. Seuss collection and her brother Myles really enjoys the Clifford books. He is also a lucky winner from the prize draw a few weeks ago. As for Paisley, she says her favourite book was definitely The Very Hungry Caterpillar, by Eric Carle. The youngest of them all, Riley, is just getting into reading and will absolutely be joining the club in the future. Over the summer, she’s expressed her curiosity towards the program by bringing books to my desk, eager to flip through the pages like her big sister and brother do. She even helps them put their tickets into the draws. I have no doubt she’ll become an awesome reading like the rest of her family!

This family has spent lots of time at the library since the summer began. They’ve all filled their first tracking card and put a special leaf on our Tracking Card Tree. The group continues to improve their reading and add to their second tracking card of the summer. With only a few days left in the program, we’re excited to see how they’ll finish off. Whether it’s a new story they’ve come to love, an old favourite they’re happy to read another time, or even the way that The Last Apprentice will end, we can’t wait to see this fun group again!