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  • Multicoloured Ice

Margaret, Clemens Mill | February 4, 2019

It’s this time of year that kids often need to be reminded of how much fun winter can be (or, if they don’t, we do!). Let’s not forget that ice is the glittery hero of many stories: Pingu. On Thin Ice, PAW Patrol: Everest and Break the Ice, and Ice Princess. Then there are my favourites: Frozen, Ice Age, Curious George, and Happy Feet.

Ice is also the star of many sports like, hockey, curling, luge, figure skating, speed skating, and can be so much slippery fun for kids, big and little alike. This winter look for that sweet, crystalline, hard-packed, icy snow when tubing or tobogganing if you like a super-fast, crazy, swerve-y ride. Whoo-hoooo!

Did you know there are different kinds of ice? Check out the DVD, The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That! (season 4, volume 1) and see the “Ice is Nice” segment. Then ask your kids, “If you were an icy snowman (or snowwoman) which kind of ice would you like to be?” If you were made of sea ice, you would be slushy, and salty, and float on the ocean’s surface. That’s an exciting ride for a snowman! If you were made from iceberg ice, you would be HUGE, and mostly underneath the water, with maybe just the glowing globe of your head gliding on the surface. If you were made from icy hail, you would be millions of large frozen raindrops that fell from the sky – one lumpy, bumpy snowman!

Hey, do you know you can use ice to decorate your snowman and make art? You can play with coloured ice in the white canvas of snow. You can even add some jewel-like ice cube buttons to your fancy snowman or snowwoman. Or, you can use jello powder crystals to paint with the ice cube paintbrushes you’ve made!

And if you’re starting to feel chilly, just remember Elsa’s affirmation: “The cold never bothered me anyway!”

FrozenCurious George in the SnowHappy Feet