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Happy Mother's Day!


Fun at Home, Be Creative!

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Hespeler Youth Services Team | June 10, 2020

Happy Mother’s Day!

On May 10th we take time to pause and celebrate all the moms in our lives. This year the Youth Services Team at Idea Exchange Hespeler has put together a collection of creative activities to help your family celebrate in these unique times:

Community Connections (from Pam)

Hi, everyone!

It's time to be a bit creative this year for Mother’s Day and community organizations have come up with many suggestions to help us celebrate the important women in our lives!

Family Movie Time (from Lisa)

Happy Mothers' Day to all the moms and those who mother.  This year, special occasions need to be celebrated differently but you can still show Mom how much you love her!  One of the greatest gifts we can give is the gift of time spent together as a family.

This Mothers' Day why not snuggle up and join some favourite friends, Franklin and Bear, as they plan a special magic show for their moms?  You can find this story on Kanopy Kids along with other titles such as: Are You My Family and Present for Mother Bear that celebrate Mom!

Creative Crafts (from Niketa)

This year we have to find creative ways to celebrate our Mom's on Mother's Day. Of course no celebration is complete without a craft! Try making these recycled
Egg Carton Flowers. They are a simple and sweet gift idea for your Mom, or make them to brighten up your day.

Happy Mother's Day to all of you lovely and hardworking Moms!

Cuddles and Stories (from Ioana)

“Mother is a verb.  It’s something you do.  Not just who you are.”- Dorothy Canfield Fisher

After a March that seemed to last a year and an April that seemed to last a decade, it’s finally May!

The sun is shining, leaves are budding, tulips are brightening up gardens, and Mother’s Day is right around the corner. If you’re in the mood for some novel-length reads about motherhood, I recommend Swimming Lessons by Claire Fuller. It explores the complexities of motherhood through letters written to an estranged husband, and the relationship between the protagonist and her absent mother. Cozy up with a cup of tea and lose a few afternoons sinking into the beautiful prose.

If you’d rather share a picture book with your little ones, try Mother Bruce, which shows that being a mom might be more surprising and funnier than you thought. Also a classic are all of the Llama Llama books, many of which feature a Mama Llama!

And finally, if you’d like to reminisce about the days when you could visit the library in person as a family, check out Lola at the Library! It’s a lovely story about Lola’s Tuesday routine with her mom, and a reminder of just how great bedtime stories are.

Cooking with Mom (from Natasha)

A wonderful way to celebrate Mother’s Day together is to create in the kitchen!

A family favourite of ours is Cheesecake Cookie Balls. Use...

1 box of your favourite cookie. We use a certain store brand chocolate chip
1 package of cream cheese
Melted chocolate - you can use bakers chocolate or melt down your favourite milk chocolate bar

First, have your little one crush those cookies. The more crumbly they better. Second, stir in the cream cheese until completely mixed in. Third, roll the mixture into bite sized balls and then refrigerate for 10-15 minutes. Fourth, while the balls chill, melt down your chocolate. Fifth step is to roll the chilled cookie balls in the melted chocolate. Put them back in the fridge for another 10 minutes and you’re done!

I hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

Happy Mother’s Day everyone.