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Hannah at Preston | August 13, 2019

As anyone who has come to the Summer Reading Club may have noticed, summer is by far the busiest time of year here at Idea Exchange.

To keep up with everything we need to accomplish, the library staff does an incredible job at working as a team and helping one another in any way possible. Working as a team also involves the willingness to add to that team whenever the opportunity arises. For the Summer Reading Club staff here at the Preston Branch, this help comes from Navya and Katey who both visit the library daily to participate in the club.

Navya is intelligent, outgoing, and very curious; she is always looking for ways to learn more. She loves to read, often calling herself a “bookworm”, and may read up to five novels a day! She especially enjoys reading comic books like the Archie series. Navya is also very good at mathematics, art, and cooking.

Katey is funny, artistic, and very friendly. She is an avid reader as well, especially about bunnies! One of the books she recently enjoyed was The Little Rabbit by Judy Dunn. She also loves ice cream, stuffed animals, and bunnies. According to Katey, the summer reading club is “so much fun” and she looks forward to coming to the library to tell me about her books each day, where I am always greeted with a hug and a smile.

While both girls share cheerful spirits and a love of reading, it is their kindness and dedication to helping others that happen to be their biggest similarity. Each day that these girls visit the library, at separate times, they come sit with me at the Summer Reading Club desk and assist with whatever I need! They have helped me with everything from organizing the children’s area to watching the desk while I am away.  It is great to have such wonderful helpers when the club is busy, and some excellent company when it is not! It has been such a privilege getting to know both of them, and I look forward to having their assistance for the rest of the summer!