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Reading Stories

  • Emily Veda

Demitra and Braedon at Hespeler | July 26, 2019

Throughout the week we have had so many wonderfully excited readers sign up for the Summer Reading Club. However, none were more excited then our newcomers Emily and Veda. They had never heard of the club before and were very interested in playing as soon as their bright eyes landed on our desk.

We asked Emily and Veda what they liked about the Summer Reading Club and both were really interested in the prizes. We went on to ask the two what kind of books they like to read. Emily explained how she really enjoyed the Yo-Kai books, and Veda loved the mystery books. They even started to get competitive with their answers when Emily boldly said she was going to read fifty books. And than Veda said she was going to read fifty-one books to beat her big sister! When asking the two what inspired them to read Emily recalled when her father Skype called them and would read stories to the girls. Veda said she liked to read because she found it interesting.

The two were extremely happy to be a part of the Summer Reading Club and promised to come back super soon to show us all the books they have read!