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Hannah at Preston | July 19, 2019

Tuesday, July 2nd marked the first day of our TD Summer Reading Club here at Idea Exchange! On that very first afternoon, in walked Dexter, a frequent visitor of the Preston Branch.

Dexter is an energetic and fun seven-year-old who enjoys coming to the library where he can play games and find great books and movies! He really likes to read the “Step into Reading” books on topics such as Lego, cars, superheroes, and movies. He reads these books with his Dad, often in the morning before they come to the library! He first heard about the Summer Reading Club during a library tour with his class where he learned about the fun opportunities that are available this summer.

Every day since the club has started, Dexter has visited the Summer Reading Club desk to tell me about the books he has read and to receive tickets for the awesome weekly prizes! One of the books in particular that he did a fantastic job reporting on was “DC Super Friends: Shark Attack”. He told me all about the book and even drew a picture of sharks to go with his response. In addition to reading, Dexter also plays the Summer Reading Club Games each day to receive grand prize tickets and more importantly, to have fun.

We love seeing Dexter and his Dad here each day and can’t wait to learn more about him and the books he is reading throughout the summer! Keep up the good reports!