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  • Idea Exchange, Hespeler

Pam, Hespeler | September 1, 2015

Hespeler is home to one of the ten most beautiful Canadian Libraries, great parks, cute cafés and friendly folks. 

As a Galt Girl transplanted in the Hespeler location of Idea Exchange, it’s been exciting to find my way around and get to know this charming village. It really is a village and it has very proud owners. 

Take a drive down Highway 24 and spend a day in the Historic Village of Hespeler. You can take in a free Idea Exchange program, visit the longest continually running Fire Station in Waterloo Region, and visit the Hespeler Heritage Centre. Still need a bit more incentive? Did I mention the cafés, the scenic hikes or how about a trip to the Fashion History Museum

Amazing right? I’ll see you when you get here.

Pam, the Hespeler Library Lady