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Trish, Hespeler | February 1, 2018

Board games are back! Just look at the number of board game cafés springing up and board games offer many things that video games don’t.

First of all, enjoying time together as a family is a great benefit of board gaming –it’s an experience to be shared across all generations. When playing, children can tell parents about their day, making parents feel involved and kids feel valued. Simple conversations with adults develops vocabulary for younger children, for teens it builds empathy and social skills.

Many of our board games encourage reading and early literacy. Scrabble Junior, Bananagrams, and Boggle Junior are all great games to get early readers thinking about words. Starting with simple words, children will advance quickly –sometimes surprising even themselves. Soon they will be teaching new words to you!

Games with numbers develop math skills helping children to become more confident as they more easily add, subtract, and so on without the use of their fingers. Calculators can be integrated into play or removed to encourage development and add challenge.

Perhaps most importantly, in playing board games children learn about taking turns, that cheating is not fun, how to be a good sport, the value of sharing, and even the value working in teams.  All these skills are useful in school and in life.

To choose the “right” game, keep in mind your child’s interests and skill level. Consider the game’s rules, whether it has an elimination aspect, and the size of pieces. Most often games have a suggested age range.

A wide selection of games are available for you to play at our locations or to borrow and play at home. Monopoly, Jenga, Risk, Sorry, Trouble, and more. Rediscover the joy of analog at Idea Exchange!